Measuring Your Dog

Measuring Your Dog For A Dog Harness and/or Dog Collar.

It is very important to measure your dog correctly for a dog harness or dog collar. For best results we suggest using a cloth measuring tape or piece of string. When using string, mark the measurement on the string and then measure with a ruler for accuracy. Make sure the dog is standing on all fours and take the measurement at least three times for accuracy. The fitting should be snug and not tight, and also allow room for some movement.

Dog Collar Measurement Guide
Our collars are will have a sizing range eg Large Fits Neck 48cm-55cm.  These readings are the inner circumference of the closed collar as it would be worn on your dog. This range is the range of the dog’s neck circumference from the first hole to the last hole.  If the dog is very young age and still growing we suggest purchasing a collar that is on the smallest setting ( FIRST HOLE) to allow for growth.

Full Grown Dogs

If the dog is an adult and fully grown we suggest purchasing a collar that fits the neck size in the middle range to allow for weight gains or expansion in the heat. For example if your dogs neck is 51cm in circumference – best to get the collar range of 48cm -55 cm which means the collar will fit on one of the middle holes with room for adjustment either way.

Here are some other “rules of thumb” when sizing a collar for your dog.

1. Two fingers must be able to fit under the collar
2. T
he collar must not be tight so that one cannot do this.
3. Our broadest collar is 7 cm wide – ensure your dogs neck islong enough to accomodate this if you’re purchasing this product line.
4. When sizing for a dog collar ensure it is not on the last hole – add at least an extra 5 cm on the circumference of the dogs neck.

Please don’t use other dog collar sizings to compare with our collars as our collars are padded and when closed the circumference is smaller.


Dog Harness Measurements

Two sizes are required for fitting a harness.
1. Chest/Shoulder: Measure your dog around its neck from the top of its breastbone all the way around.
2. Girth: This is the most IMPORTANT measurement.  Measure your dog all around its middle (see 2 below) just behind its front legs. Harnesses are for the sole purposes securing or walking your dog always ensure you supervise your dog at all times.